Free Grant Money to Pay Bills

Free Grant Money to Pay Bills

Are you looking to set up your independent business in the rural sectors of America? If it is yes, then probably you have visited the perfect site that offers the best solutions for a lucrative funding opportunity to establish your dream company.

Free Grant Money to Pay Bills

Free Grant Money to Pay Bills

Free Grant Money to Pay Bills

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the foremost source for financing of small businesses in rural sectors. It offers many Get Out of Debt Government Grants programs, financial assistance, strategic planning, training and business development prospects to entrepreneurs that help them accomplish their vision of venturing into the business world.

USDA Small Business Financial Assistance Programs

The United States Department of Agriculture offers several grant programs for your small business setup in rural sectors or next to city or town with population that does not exceed more than 50,000. Have a look at the varied grants for your business venture. Here the business mortgage calculator for extra payment grants.

Rural Business Enterprise Grants

The RBEG program, administered by the USDA, offers free home grants for single moms to rural public entities, private or public nonprofit organizations and Indian tribes of the rural areas with not more than 50,000 inhabitants. Projects geared towards emerging small rural businesses, adult education for employment, distance learning networks and others receive amount from $10,000 to $500,000.

In 2014, 50 new Rural Business Enterprise Grants (RBEG) was declared by the USDA for boosting up of small ventures.

Rural Business Opportunity Grants

RBOG program offers grants to a maximum amount of $100,000 to businesses in rural communities for the overall economic development. The grants are offered on competitive basis only for exceptional needs and given for:

The projects that can be funded under the RBOG are:

  • Leadership development & guidance, technical assistance and business training for entrepreneurs
  • Initiating business incubators with commercial kitchens
  • Market development and feasibility studies

Economic Development Loan and Grant Program

RDLG, administered by USDA, offers local utility organizations zero-interest loans that are later allocated to local businesses involved in projects for the economic development and creating job opportunities in rural sectors.

The varied projects types that receive funding from USDA are:

  • Medical care equipment and facilities for rural residents
  • Capitalization that turns loan funds
  • Education and training facilities or equipment for the all round economic development of the rural residents
  • Community Development Assistance Program that generates job opportunities or enhances the changes for public bodies or non-profit organizations
  • Business Incubators
  • Initiating telecommunications or computer networks that assists in long distance learning or medical care

Value-Added Agriculture Producer Grant

Value-Added Agriculture Producer Grant supports in planning and development of business plans and working capital. This program stresses on regional and local supply system, offering funds and financial support for such projects. Moreover, it also assists deprived farmers and ranchers. The two basic purpose of the program are:

  • Creating centre that disseminates information for agricultural purpose
  • Refining of products for the enhancement of the total value of agricultural products

USDA has been providing more than 15,000 grants, Instant loan finance online offering assistance to above 60,000 rural money making home business since 2009. The cooperative development programs and business plans have helped several entrepreneurs realize their dreams and fulfill your goals. Contact your USDA Rural Development office in your vicinity to avail all information for the assistance and move ahead with your endeavor.

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